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101 in 1001 : No. 97

This weekend, I’ve completely one of my 101 in 1001 tasks. No. 97 to be exact “Buy a one-piece bathing suit” I’ve been wanting to purchase a 1 piece bathing suit for quite some time, even more so post-pregnancy. What can I say, my body will never be the same, so I decided to embrace it and flaunt the one piece.

I’ve been searching for the perfect suitsuit for my oddly pear shaped body for quite some time now, honestly it’s been a good 3 years. Always with no luck. Like I said my body is weird. They either made me look a gazillion times larger in the hip area (which is definitely a no-no) or it simply wouldn’t be sliming. Then, last year, Joe Fresh had this turquoise ruched one piece and I fell in love. Of course when I was ready to actually find one to try on, they were sold out.

I message them on Facebook to know if they had plans on returning the popular model in store and to my surprise they said yes! So naturally I’ve been stalking my nearest Joe Fresh stores to make sure I didn’t miss my chance this year and I finally tried one on this weekend (in black) It fit me perfectly. Like it was meant for my body. I was in love. But, even more so with the price tag : 29$ (I kid you not! )

So that’s my bathing suit up there. The black one. Very retro inspired one-piece that can be worn with or without the straps. I really hope they decide to make more colors available in this item because I’d definiftely purchase one in another color. Yellow, Violet or a Kelly Green maybe? (no pun intended)

Can’t wait for the summer. To rock my new bathing suit!

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