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2012 is about image

Happy NEW YEARS everyone!!! I know I’m a little late, but before the holidays I told myself I would take a break from blogging and spend time with my family. (I know I’ve actually haven’t been really active blogging lately but that will change this year! ) For 2012, I told myself I would work on image. Image in several ways actually. One way is with this blog. I’ve been planning on working on a redesign for some time now, and 2012 is the year it will happen. It might not happen as soon as I would like, but there are 12 months in the year … right? 

The second version of image is me. Is the way I present myself. It’s working on my lack of fashion and making it a lack no more. I don’t necessarily have the money to spend on clothing… and even if I did I never seem to find anything, so I told myself I would buy 1 piece a month. No more no less. A piece can be anything from a shirt, to boots to a purse or accessoires. (and nothing at regular price – seeing we are in debt paying off mode.) I’m not very good with fashion and the clothes I do have aren’t interchangeable. So I want to be smart about it from now on. ( I apologize in advance to my pinterest followers if you happen to see alot of outfit pins in my A la Mode board, but I really do need the help)

The third version of image is still about me. I am due to have bébé2 in May, right around my birthday and I really want to lose the pregnancy weight and more. I will be on maternity leave for 12 months so it’s my time to start running again and doing the C25K program again (I downloaded the Ease to 5k App for my iPhone). I still had 5 lbs to lose when I got pregnant, so I will lose that and another 25lbs. I don’t feel great about my body, and it’s not about being skinny (because trust me I’ve never been smaller than a size 12) but it’s about feeling healthy. I will document my progress on the blog (that way it will give me an extra kick in the butt!)

The fourth version of image is in our home. With the arrival of bébé2 we have ALOT of changes to do. From finishing the bedroom downstairs so that we can move our bedroom there, to make Mavrick his first toddler room and redecorate the nursery. All in a span of 3 months. I will share the progress of those rooms as well as the finished products, because my House Tour has been pretty inactive for a while. I have great projects in mind for the nursery and toddler room and I can’t wait to share it with you.

What are your plans for 2012 ?

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