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Baby Bedding Part 2

It’s been a while since I blogged about my baby bedding. Last time we were discussing colors, and I told you that Holly ( aka Bijou Lovely) was making me custom bedding. The design process and deciding on the actual fabrics took longer than anticipate. Why? well, I didn’t think the hubs would want to have such a say in the whole design process (since that’s usually my part)

So I opened up my design programs, and played around with pictures of fabrics Holly sent me. At first I wanted an all striped quilt, but soon gave up that idea since we had a striped fabric in the lot. So I tried various designs, some conventional others not.

After I showed the hubs the classic square quilt, I kinda admitted to myself that… um… I wasn’t a fan of the conventional design. I wanted something a little more unique, so presented the next design in hopes he liked that a little more. (for my sake ;) )

When I showed him these two examples, he admitted he liked the long striped version (woo hoo) , but not so much the purple fabric or the randomness. So I went back to the drawing board, hoping this time around he would like what I came up with. I figured that if he was involved more with the overall choices in fabric and design, he’d be less likely to say “WTH is that??? I don’t want our boy to be gay”  Not that I have a problem with having a gay child, but I wouldn’t do it on purpose to add purple and pink in the lot

I thought maybe something a little simpler was more us, so I bascially designed the quilt as if the striped fabric was visually overlapping the other colors… and I actually liked that idea a whole lot. Did baby daddy like it? YES!!!! But, yup there was a but… he wanted to modify the layout of the colors. Since I hadn’t done the design to scale, we realized that the final size allowed us to add an extra row of color. :)

So this is what I sent Holly… the final quilt design. There was no turning back now. Since the fabric was purchased. But I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

I know you don’t really see the colors of the fabrics chosen well… especially since that top blue color is less vibrant and the beige-y color at the bottom is actually a pretty buttery color. Holly was sweet to send over some fabric samples so that I can go ahead and decorate baby’s nursery while impatiently waiting for the bedding to arrive.

Oh, did I mention that I am having custom pillows, crib skirt and bumper made by Holly too??? The whole thing will look so amazing, I can’t wait to show you more.

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