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Bonjour 2013


How I’m happy to see you! Sure you’ve already been here for 4 days already but it’s never to late to say hello, right? You might be asking why I’m so happy 2013 is here. Well lets just say that 2012 was a pretty intense year. Rough in every sense of the word and tested my desire for pretty much anything that I came across. Tested my patience, my endurance, my will, my relationships basically anything you can think of. That’s also a big reason why I’ve been MIA for a while. My desire to blog, to share my life with the world was non-existant, and once I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, the happy me slowly started to emerge again.

2012 wasn’t all bad. I had a wonderful end of pregnancy, a wonderful birth to baby Sienna, two wonderful healthy kids, a husband that loves me and not to mention loving family & friends… but unfortunately the bad outweighed the good. So au revoir 2012… you will not be missed.

What are my plans for 2013? Pretty big ones I’d like to think. Back in 2012, it was all about image. Self image, blog image, house etc. And while I can’t say I’ve fully completed those plans (euh hello, do you see a new blog design, nope… failed on that end) but it wasn’t all a waste. We massively renovated and moved stuff around the house to make space for Sienna, I lost lots of weight after she was born, and I continued to buy a piece or two a month to improve my wardrobe.

So what does 2013 have in store? Continuing to work on my 101 in 1001 list which ends this year (and I’m far from completing) so one thing I’m doing is cooking/baking a new recipe a week and I post pictures on my instagram and use the hashtag #1recipeaweek2013. I just find instagraming is so much faster than blogging (when you can’t find the time – life with two kids is hectic) but that will change… because I started working on my new blog design. (finally) and hope to have it up and running before I go back to work full time in April.

Also another important element in my goals for 2013, budget! money! debt! all of that. Because of our crappy financial situation last year and problems after problems, my goal to be debt free by my 30th birthday is no longer possible. (snif snif) but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. It will simply take a little longer to achieve. I did start to coupon intensely and boy oh boy it was a lifesaver. I was able to save 20-40$ a week just with coupons, so ya, I’ll keep doing that in 2013. So what did I do the first moment 2013 arrived, I was on my computer working on my budget, filling out all the necessary information on Mint.com to make sure we stay on track. We can do it. With a lot of sacrifices and the will. Does that mean that I won’t shop anymore? hmmm, probably for a while (unless its necessary or ridiculously on sale) but honestly my desire to get out of this mess outweighs any new pair of shoes (gosh i can’t believe I just said that)

Lastly, the whole image theme is part of 2013 as well. Sure I lost all the baby weight and then some, but I am far (25 lbs, oh no as of this morning 23 lbs away) from my goal so I give myself all year to reach it and hopefully keep it off. Winter is tough because I don’t go out much, but come spring I’ll start doing activities again. I’m basically counting calories and logging it using MyFitnessPal. So if you want to encourage me, or need someone to encourage you, then add me! (i’m blushink)

I’ll try and blog about my personal experiences in all of these areas, but bring more design back to the blog. I need to be inspired, I need to start crafting again, and I need to buy glitter. Oh wait, I can’t buy it, anyone want to give me some? Because honestly, how do I not own glitter?! Sometimes I think I have it all wrong!

What are your plans for 2013. Don’t call them resolutions but goals to a better something.

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