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C’est la fête : Mavrick turns 2!!!

Last year, for those who remember, I went all out with a vintage newspaper boy theme birthday party for Mavrick and my family & friends couldn’t believe the amount of work I put into it. So, in return I promised them that his 2nd birthday would be a very basic party. Well the designer in me was dying. I couldn’t just have a blah party. I decided to do two things to stay somewhat true to the idea of a basic party.

For his first birthday, I went all out with food and it wasn’t friendly on the wallet. Even if I basically made everything myself with the help of family/friends, it was rather time consuming, and who has time now, with 2 kids. So this year I decided to do two things : #1 Opt for a dessert only party which is more manageable than cold/hot food, not to mention less expensive, and #2 Seeing as I’m on a budget, I decided to go to the dollar store for party decor.

I used pretty much the most inexpensive decor items you can find and threw this amazing party for very little. There was a crepe streamer backdrop which was paired with balloons, and $2 bunting that actually inspired the whole party. I got colored plates, glasses and napkins for that much needed punch of color.

Again, I opted to make majority of the desserts myself. From strawberry mousse, to cone cupcakes, to rice krispies balls to the birthday cake. I purchased mini donuts, popcorn, fruit and candies. I even served cold lemonade as the signature drink for the party.

Looking at these pictures you wouldn’t guess that the birthday boy was sick and rushed to the hospital. Luckily our guests had time to enjoy the sweets we prepared for them. Let’s hope that next year won’t be as eventful in the health department.

Would you have guessed this party cost less than $40?

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