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Day 26 : #reverb10 : Soul Food

December 26 – Soul Food
What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul?
(Author: Elise Marie Collins)

This past summer a friend  of my husband decided to bring us to a smokehouse that he absolutely loved. I had never been in the past, but apparently Bofinger was a finger licking good type of restaurant. Not considered a fast food restaurant and not a dinning experience either, this “order your food at the counter, pay and take your plate to a table” seemed like a rather interesting formula.

First time around, I ordered what they were famous for, their pulled pork in the burger version. I chose my barbecue sauce, my side dishes and let me tell you… it was unbelievably good. So good that every time I think about that meal, my mouth waters. Heck, it’s watering now. It was soooo good. If you asked me last year, what was the best thing I ever ate… nothing would of came to mind. But this year… I’d have to say that pulled pork burger with a side of mac and cheese and fries. Delish!

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