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DIY = Mother’s day Album

Being a mother myself, I find that I appreciate mothers day even more. That my mom deserves the world and you only understand what she has done for you when you become a mother yourself. Maybe you can blame the hormones, but just thinking what my mom went through when I was 0-6 months makes me cry. (I was crying every single minute for 6 months straight – and I’m not exaggerating)

I find that sometimes going back to the basics is what makes it even more special… so why not whip out the scissors and glue (just like when you were in school) and make your mom a great mothers day gift. Even if she says she doesn’t want anything, the appreciation even in the smallest gesture warms her heart. I came across this beautiful DIY Mothers Day Mini Album on the Simple as That blog and thought I would share.

For more pictures and a template to create your own album, visit the Simple as That blog.

I’m due around mothers day… how sweet a gift would that be for my mom (and me)

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