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Early Birthday gift Shopping

In May 2013, I will no longer be in my twenties. I have to say that I’ve accomplished much in the last 9 years so it’s only fair I celebrate being 30 with a bang. I’ve always wanted to plan a big party but with Sienna’s 1st birthday I week before mine, I think my celebrating might be held off for a bit. One thing for sure is I did not want to compromise on my gift. As soon as I turned 29, I started thinking about what I would want for my 30th. Then it hit me. Something I could never buy for myself because I couldn’t justify the expense, but a perfect opportunity to get it as a milestone gift.

What am I talking about?! Well a KitchenAid Artisan Mixer of course, and not any color… the pistachio… ah be still my heart.


From the moment I figured out what I wanted, I told my mom, dad, stepmom basically anyone who wanted to pitch in so I could have the mixer of my dream. I owned a pretty basic Sunbeam Stand Mixer but it wasn’t great. So I sold it, to make space for my new mixer (even if I hadn’t gotten it yet). I searched basically every week in my local flyers and online until I found a massive sale on all stand mixers at Sears.ca, and simultaneously Ebates.ca was having a double cash back event. So instead of having the regular 1.0% cash back, they were having a 2% event – yay me!

So not only did I get my mixer (but still in the box until I turn 30, I know brutal) but I also got money back for the purchase which is a pretty sweet deal! Obviously I shop using Ebates every chance I get. Why wouldn’t you?  You can find all the deals, daily double cash back, get referrals and more. If you haven’t started your holiday shopping, I suggest doing it online and earning cash back while you do. Sign up now to Ebates, if you haven’t already.

 And I’ll have to wait until I turn 30 (in 6 months) to use this beauty. Le sigh!

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