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Ebates launched Ebates Canada

At the beginning of the year, when I was talking about my finances and saving every penny I had to dump debt, I discussed how shopping online using Ebates definitely brings a whole new spin to saving money. If you are an avid online shopper like myself, deal seeker and all… then getting cash back for purchases you were intending on making is a pretty sweet deal.

If you are a fellow Canadian, then I can’t help but share my excitement… Ebates (US) recently launched it’s Canadian version and a brand new website! and it has made me one happy online shopper! Does that mean you can’t use the US site, No… but when you can actually get paid in Canadian dollars which is fantastic then why wouldn’t you!

How does it work? well it’s pretty easy, instead of going to the site itself to purchase what you wanted to get, you go through the Ebates portal which allows you to get cash back on your order. Cash back amounts vary from store to store, but if you sign up to the newsletter and you like their facebook page, they will keep you posted on double, triple or even 10x the cash back for a limited time offer.

I love sharing the savings with my fellow Canadians so just when you thought cash back was a sweet deal… wait until you hear about the refer-a-friend program. Ebates wants to share the ‘savings’ with the rest of Canada so they give you 5$ everytime a friend/family member signs up using your unique referral link and makes their first purchase of 25$ or more.

Obviously I shop using Ebates every chance I get. Why wouldn’t you? I just love it and I’m so happy my US friends introduced me to the site last year. Now with the new Canadian version I am one happy shopper. The site is so pretty and easy to navigate. You can find all the deals, daily double cash back, your referrals and pending cash back. One thing I can’t wait to have on the Canadian version, is all the list of emails that used your referal link. I love sending a quick “thank you and happy savings” message, but at the moment it isn’t available on the Canadian site (but will be – so a Ebates representative told me via their facebook page)

Have I made lots of money using this service… not a ton… but I’ve made over 40$ and only shopped a few times. I definitely forsee lots more money coming my way in the next year. So if you don’t know about the site, or do but haven’t opened up a Canadian account, then I invite you to do so. (please note by doing so you are using my referral link)

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