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Glamnuptials: Day after shoot

Having the opportunity to do a Day After Shoot is amazing. Now only do you have the chance to get dolled up again, but you can really take the time to pose for pictures since on the wedding day, time isn’t your best friend. On our wedding day, we got some great pictures, but not the kind of pictures we were hoping for.

I wanted something different and unique, and luckily my friend (newbie photog) knew exactly what I wanted. So in a matter of an hour and a half we went from the gas station, to the corn field, to the railroad track and more. I am really really happy with the outcome of our pictures. (Plus, I got to wear my beautiful birdcage veil – that I had forgotten at home the day of the wedding).


The morning of the shoot, I actually went to the hairdresser to get my hair done. Unfortunately I did the after wedding chop, so my hair was much shorter than at the wedding and I couldn’t have the same vintage hairstyle (snif! snif!) I did my own makeup like it was done on my wedding day. It wasn’t very complicated to do – except maybe putting on the fake lashes. 😉 First stop – the gas station. Now this wasn’t a fake pose – we really needed to put gas in the car otherwise we wouldn’t go very far. I must admit though, they are pretty cool pictures.

A few minutes from the gas station, there was a huge corn field. Being corn season, it seemed perfect for wedding pictures. We asked the owners if we could borrow their field for a couple of minutes, and I guess seeing a bride and groom always results in an automatic yes!

Since it had rained a couple of days before the shoot, the ground was quite muddy… so ya, I had a fun time cleaning my shoes afterwards… (note to self : wear runners when taking pics in a field)

Once the shoe cleaning was complete, we hopped in the car and went to the nearest train track, which was literally 2 minutes away. We had fun on the tracks, and cars would pass by and honk… oh weddings!

I love this picture of Marc-André holding my shoes as I walk down the line (the track line that is). But might I add that it was extremely hot for my feet!

I love this picture – à la Clark Kent (Superman).

Next up, we took some pictures in a vast grass field. Marc was the one who found the place. It was very beautiful and just across the street of the field, there was a beautiful stone fence, where we took some more shots. (Can’t get enough)

I love how all these pictures turned out… and to think all these places were literally 5 minutes away. I will never get back my actually wedding day, but at least these pictures put an extra smile on my face. I had a blast taking pictures and if I could do it again I would! Hmmm… winter wedding shots… But my hubby would kill me – he is so NOT a picture person. )

Did you have an Day After Shoot? Were you happy with the results?

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