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Glamnuptials: La Bosse des Noces

Being a blogger for Weddingbee has definitely made me feel special / sort of celebrity-ish at times (but seriously I’m just a normal gal who blogged about her wedding planning) and it was an honor to share it with all of yous. Some bees have been recognized in public on several occasions (crazy I know!) So when Mr.Flamingo and I took part of a wedding tv show called La Bosse des Noces, well that definetly an interesting experience.

A couple of weeks ago, I was flipping the channels on the television and came face to face… with me. Yup, our wedding was airing again on television. Kinda neat I know. I know you have been waiting to view this video for quite some time, but trying to find a way to upload the video took longer than I anticipated. But I can finally share it with you now. So for those of you who understand french – enjoy!

Though it may not look like it, but I was extremely nervous. Its not every day you have cameras in your face and someone prepping your makeup. A hint ? Notice how many times I say “Glamour” lol …

The show was about helping us out with issues we came across while planning our wedding. They helped us out with decor elements and our place card chandelier tree. What’s great is that they even featured Wes Jones of Film Jones because they found the whole 8mm video really intriguing… plus that whole segment is in english  :)

Our wedding was also on the web with a detailed description of the episode (for canadians only), list of stores where they purchased the items for our wedding and DIY explanations. Check it out here (if you can read in french) Our wedding will be playing for the next 5 years (re-runs obviously) So the “Hey weren’t you on TV?” remark will be common, but i can get use to that…LOL But seriously we loved our experience and would do it again in a heartbeat.

So that’s it… I’m officially done my wedding recaps. Sniff sniff. Now for the next chapter in my life….
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