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Glamnuptials: My wedding movie trailer

Alright I can’t wait any longer and must share this with you. I know I’m not finished doing all my recap posts, but I am way too excited to wait until I am done the recaps. One thing I loved about our wedding was our videographer. We were so lucky to have Wes Jones of Film Jones come to Montreal to film our wedding in 8 mm, not to mention that he was also great to work with. His footage truly captured the whole theme of our Vintage Glam wedding, and I would hire him all over again in a heart beat.

At first Marc-André didn’t want a wedding video because he didn’t want to force our friends and family to watch a 1 hour video… and I completely understood.  I wanted to have a wedding movie-esque trailer, a short film with all the important moments of the wedding… packed with lots of emotion sort of like a movie. So I went ahead and edited our wedding footage into a really short wedding trailer – a total of 9 minutes. Yup that’s it!

Our Wedding Trailer.

My wedding movie trailer… from Kelly De Luca on Vimeo.

I used the Mac program Final Cut Express to do all the editing. Luckily my friend had the program and helped me a whole lot (Thanks Isabel!!!). The program isn’t very complicated, and with Google you can find many tutorials online. Because I compressed the movie quite a bit, the movie lost a lot of details and the 8mm effect isn’t as great as the original movie. But I think you will get the overall feel.

Music used in this montage:

  1. song: Finding Beauty by Craig Armstrong
  2. song: Memories by The Sequel
  3. song: Make You Feel My Love by Adele
  4. song: Meaning by Gavin DeGraw
  5. song: We Are Man & Wife by Michelle Featherstone

So do you like it? Will you be editing your wedding video?

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