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Glamnuptials : Our Minimoon

WOW, I’m almost at the end of my recap posts and I’ve been married over a year. Can you believe its been a that long since I got married!!! Time flies. I know, I know I can all hear you say, “its about time those recaps are done!” LOL I admit, it took me forever.

We when were planning our wedding, the honeymoon was something that was rather important (to me at least)… a getaway after the whole 1 year and a half of planning. Unfortunately, we soon realized that things were rather expensive… and the honeymoon was put on hold.

Originally when we would talk about honeymoon destinations, Marc and I weren’t on the same page. He wanted Disney, I wanted Italy/Paris. Then it switched, since I knew we wouldn’t agree on a place… we considered going down south, but we abandoned all those ideas and figured a minimoon was a better option. So right after the wedding… we packed our bags, fill the tank and drove to my favorite city NYC!

Not having lots of money to invest in our trip, we used Priceline to book our hotel in Jersey. It was our first time using this site and we were quite happy about the price and hotel.

The view of Manhattan from our room
Yup I even brought our laptop so that I can blog while we were away.

Very comfy bed…

Every morning we would grab a chai latte at starbucks (which happened to be in the hotel lobby – isnt that amazing!!! ) and would take the shuttle to the train station. It was my first time taking the train to Penn station but other than getting lost a couple of times we finally got the hang of it 😉

As a wedding gift, we received a brand new Samsung NV24HD digital camera from work and we were so excited to put our new camera to good use. We took lots of pictures on the first day but when it came time to recharge the battery… oops there was a problem. It wasn’t charging – a defect in the battery. So you know what that means…we didnt take pics of our other days in NYC… what a shame.

But at least we caught this on camera.

We visited the famous Madame Tussaud. I’ve been to NYC at least 5 times and never got the chance to check out the famous wax museum… we seriously had a blast.

Of course hubby needed to take a picture with his favorite superhero… sometimes I seriously think he would love to be Clark Kent. :)

I, on the other hand need to take a pic with my girl power chicas! I almost look like Geri Haliwells replacement… almost. So, Marc felt he needed to be part of something too… so N’sync was his choice of the hour.

We absoultely wanted to see a Broadway show (even though Marc is french) our first choice was Wicked, but tickets were sold out and decided to see The Mel Brooks musical The Young Frankenstein.

This is the only proof we were at a broadway show. No pictures allowed so before they confiscated our camera we put it away. We seriously LOVED it… to the point that its going to be on our “must” list next time around.

The rest of our stay we did lots of walking and continued to visit places. We even got the chance to meet Mrs. Bee, Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin and Mrs. Lovebird (of Weddingbee) for a nice meal at the Spice Market in the Meatpacking District.

Can’t wait to go to NYC again, might make it an anniversary thing :)

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