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Hello Blog, how I missed you

It’s been a while since I’ve been posting on the blog. (wow, crazy how fast 6 weeks go by!) Nothing serious to report, the family is doing great (though we’ve been pretty busy, hence my lack of content) but now that September has hit… it’s time to resume blogging!

I don’t think I’ve shared the news with you, but I’m officially a mommy blogger on Hellobee. You can find all my posts about baby, parenting and life with 2 kiddos all there. I’m Mrs. Sunglasses! Will I continue to blog about my adventures in mommy hood and party planning here? Well of course… but I won’t necessarily post everything on the blog (seeing not everyone wants to hear about my bebes! – I’m assuming. ) So if you like the baby, toddler, parenting talk… then be sure to follow me there.

I hope you are ready to follow along… I have great things in store (including some giveaways! ) On that note, why not end with a cute baby pic!

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