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He’s like me…

It’s funny how when you finally give birth people already start trying to figure out who the baby looks like. He has your eyes, and his ears are just like his fathers. Funny. Right?! I mean even when they are just a few hours old, they can look just like you. That was the case with Mavi and I. He looked just like me. But thankfully he was more like his father in the way he was. A quiet happy baby. I was hell. A crying baby almost ALL the time. I don’t know how my mom didn’t kill me. Seriously. When Mavi cried for 3 hours straight once, I wanted to die. I balled and cried out for my mom… because I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully this only happened once. Like I said he’s like his father on this point.

I was a hungry baby. And so is Mavi. He’s a champ when it comes to drinking. 5 mins tops and he’s done. He burps like a champ, sometimes I wonder how such a loud noise can come out of such a small thing.  He smiles all the time. Just like his dad did when he was a baby. Phew. So glad he got that from him. When people see Mavi they are so impressed on how alert he is, and how he is all smiles. “You have one good baby” they tell us, and I smile. Hoping this is not just a dream and that he will stay this way until he’s 18.

BUT, I have one impatient baby. He knows what he wants and he wants it NOW. So the only time he cries. He doesn’t cry, he yells… he is hysterical. But it lasts a whole 2 secs, until he gets boobie, or we change his diaper. He gets that from his dad. Le sigh.

When I was a baby and even a toddler, one thing for sure, I loved to sleep. LOVED IT. So much that my mom would tell me “if you don’t finish dinner, you aren’t going to bed” I am serious!!! Who says that?! Not sleeping = punishment. That was me. Sleep was the best time for me and I loved it oh-so much. Well apart from Mavi having my eyes, loving a pacifier, sucking his thumb and being a big drinker like me… he sleeps, and to me that is the BEST thing he could have taken from me. At just 5 weeks, he started sleeping 5 hours, then 6 and that kept going on. At 6 weeks he was sleeping 8 hours straight. Just last week at 8 weeks, he slept 10 hours straight. 10 hours. I couldn’t believe it. And he naps too. (not all the time… but I am I can’t complain. If he slept all through the night)

Since day 2, he’s been sleeping in his crib. I tried having sleep 1 night in his basinet and he would make too many noises it kept me up all night… so I said to myself no freaken way. So in the crib he went. Luckily he slept and never had issues with the crib. The hubs and I agreed that we wouldn’t be those parents that would stop living when the baby slept. So we passed the vaccum, had the tv on loud, we would basically continue living while baby slept. Of course he woke up once or twice or jumped in his crib, but now he’s a champ and can sleep through anything and can sleep anywhere.

He also can fall asleep in his crib by himself. As I type this that’s exactly what he is doing. Looking at his mobile, with covers and his pacifier… and then he’s out cold. I love that. Plus, I realized that when he sleeps 9 hours or more, he wakes up in his crib and just chats with his friends. So he even lets me sleep. Who does that?! We realized this when the hubby got up for work and saw he was awake at 6am. So I waited until he cried to get up. I looked at the clock and it was 7am. He was still wide away, looking and chatting to the mobile.

I am not trying to brag at all in this post… just saying how things are. I am even impressed  myself. It only makes me wonder how baby #2 will be. No, I am not pregnant now, but when we do decide to have another. Probably that baby will be the opposite of Mavi and that scares me a whole lot.  Until then, I am hoping his sleeping habits will stay… keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

How is your baby like you?

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