C'est la fête!

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I’m grateful for…

Even though I’m Canadian and its not technically my thanksgiving, I thought I could take the opportunity to write a quick post about what I am grateful. This year has been one filled with emotions, good and bad but most importantly it when I decided to launch Sucre + Confetti a baking and party supply shop. I launched it in March at the end of my maternity leave and now a little over 8 months in I am amazed by the response…

Confetti has become my new love… It depicts not only celebration but laughter, smiles, happy memories. When you are down, throw some confetti and it will make it all better (I swear). This new venture has been nothing but fulfilling and I have been blessed to have great supportive family, friends and enthusiastic clients. We’ve gone from nothing to being published in a Party Magazine and that just being the tip of the iceberg.


I have so many plans for Sucre + Confetti and hopefully in the near future I will be able to offer great themes and party supplies full time and who knows maybe even develop a line for retail stores or what the heck open my own. Thank you for the support from my confetti filled heart… and I just hope I leave a little confetti in your lives because we all need to celebrate you!

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