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Joyfolie is going big time!

So remember how I blogged about the most adorable baby girl shoes (and how I even own some but I don’t even have a girl) Well, Joyfolie is still one of my favorite places to buy unique girl shoes (I give them as gifts) they are beautiful and in September she launched the manufactured line to be able to keep up with demand! (Here are just a few styles)


She has been working extra long hours to offer the lines to the mass public (and well to get her name out there) So a couple of weeks ago….  her manufactured lines (well 3 pairs) can be found at Anthropologie (for Kids). Plus in the next week or so, they will be available at Gap and Piperlime.  (Quick savers tip, the shoes/boots available on these sites are actually cheaper if purchased from the Joyfolie site itself) 

Seeing I don’t have a girl, I’m definitely looking forward to the launch of her woman shoes. Here is a sneek peek.

Check out the Joyfolie site for more styles available. If ever you touch base with her, be sure to tell her that Kelly sent you ! :)

{ Image : Joyfolie & Anthropologie }


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