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La Typographie : Treasury Pro

As the message says, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I hope you will celebrate this day of love in full force. Personally, I’m not a heart day kinda person, but that could be because I’m a designer and dislike the whole marketing aspect behind the day or it could also be because I would rarely get cards or carnations in our ‘secret admirer’ swap. Made me feel a little left out. Sure I don’t have to worry about that now, seeing I’m married… so I might have to suck it up just a little and start celebrating it for my kids. (Clearly too young now)

My best friend Mel is ALL ABOUT today… she loves today so much she’s tried to convert me one too many times. She keeps telling me how could I not love a day dedicated to chocolate, hearts and food. I guess if you put it that way… it’s not so bad. Her father even serves them heart-shaped raviolis. (even now when clearly she isn’t a child anymore) It’s more of a family celebration and tradition then it is a couple thing and that I can do.

Do you go all out for Valentine’s day?

And for those who are liking the font above, it’s called Treasury Pro!

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