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Lack of Maternity Wear in Canada

Let me start off by saying Canadians have crappy crappy maternity stores. We have very few stores that offer maternity lines and it makes it that much harder for us to look good. Sure there are a lot of online stores who offer great lines, but majority of the time they either don’t ship to Canada or if they do they charge astronomical prices and that’s excluding and additional duties and fees. Let’s just say that it makes it that much harder to shop.

I’m sure many will say… ya, but there’s Gap Maternity, Pea in a Pod, Destination Maternity and even Target. Well …. we don’t have any of that here. Only Motherhood Maternity made it’s way across the border and very little options from Old Navy too. The stores that we do have is Thyme Maternity, Mexx Maternity (with very little choice), Du-Date Maternity and H&M maternity. Everything else is non-existant (unless I am clueless of what’s out there, but I’ve search endlessly with very little or no results.) What drives me bananas is that because of the lack of options, I fell like all pregnant woman look the same because we clearly shop at all the same stores. (Most popular : Thyme Maternity) The fact that there aren’t many options allows the stores to boost their prices and have very little sales. Definitely not good for my budget and my plan to be debt-free.

Not having style while pregnant is not good especially with hormones going wild. So what do Canadians Momma’s do? Where do they go? Or do you know of any stores that ship to Canada for cheap?

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