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Le Wishlist : Recipe Journal

I am bad with recipes. I love them, think the idea about them is amazing…but I never use them. I have recipe books, printed recipes and even an online catalog and nada. I don’t tend to try new things, nor do I really make the effort to. I think the last couple of months have been about changing my habits. (I will elaborate on this another time) But I want to start planning my meals, making my grocery list accordingly and what better way then to recipe it. (yup I just created my own term)

Maybe the fact that I have random books, my ipad and iphone and I don’t have a consistent way of going about it… maybe it’s because it’s not all in one place? Who knows. But what I do know, is that when I saw this adorable Recipe Journal from Rag & Bone  my little heart started to smile. Hmmm… how cute is this recipe journal.

If I ended up getting a book like this, maybe I wouldn’t want to write in it seeing I’d be afraid to make it look ugly. Who wants to have crappy writing or scribbles left and write due to spelling mistakes. Maybe I would never fill it up because lack of time or interest…. but maybe, the fact that its so pretty might just do the opposite.

What do you do to keep your recipes together? Any tips on how I should go about and using recipes more in my everyday life. (think baby steps please) :)

{ Via | Recipe Journal from Rag & Bone }

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