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Les Finances : Couponing

I’m the type of person who understand the value of finished products. (Clothing, Decoration etc)  Maybe it’s because I worked for a wholesale company and I’ve seen the 3x, 4x markups or maybe it’s just because oh my “weird body shape” that I could never justify buying 100$ + pairs of jeans.

I remember when we were younger my mother gave both my sister and I 200$ for our back to school clothing. I came out with 2 bags, my sister 5. I think at the time I didn’t care because I had my first official pair of Levi’s flared black jeans, but when they got ruined 6 months later…I told myself no more. This slowly started my “understanding” the value of items and not wanting to be a brand lover. Sure it meant my friends might of looked at me weird, because I would find pieces of clothing is places they would never dare to step in, but when they would compliment me on what I was wearing, I was so ever proud to say the price I paid and where I got it. (I secretly wanted them to understand that spending $$$ on items wasn’t necessarily… but that never really got to them (hey a girl can try)

When it came time to be an adult. Purchased a car, got our first home then Mavrick came along… I was proud of my accomplishments and as soon as we decided to start our debt free mode, I went into intense saving mode. Which meant, I only purchased sale items, tried to find additional coupons codes or actual coupons. Same applied to food. Why pay regular price for an item when you can get anywhere from 1$-10$ off? I know in the past it made it seem as though, if you couponned, you didn’t have money. But honestly… who’s being stupid in the whole thing. At the end of the week I have an additional 10-15$ in my pockets because I couponed and that money I worked hard to get, so why pay something full price just to avoid getting “looks” or being “judge” I couldn’t care less and when I explain my whole process people are actually impressed.

I’m in no means a pro when it comes to couponning, but if I can find a coupon you bet I will use it. I’ve never paid full price for domain names & online purchases and I intend to keep it that way. I thought I would share my tips and sites I go to to help future Canadian couponners. Sure majority of these tips are online but hey it’s 2012… if you don’t shop online or use the internet (then I’m sure you aren’t reading this to begin with)


Saving money is all about making money or keeping money… so why not use it to your advantage when you buy online. Have you heard of EBATES? (I know majority of  US peeps LOVE ebates) but not too long ago they started adding some Canadian online sites for their friendly neighbors. Bascially, what it comes down to is instead of going to the site itself to purchase what you wanted to get, you go through the Ebates portal which allows you to get cash back on your order.

You can find cash back from the following Canadian sites. : Gap Canada, Old Navy, Children’s Place, Sears, Toys R Us / Babies R Us, Chapters, Garage, Addition elle, Apple, Victoria Secret, The Shopping Channel, Vista Print, Sephora, The Body Shop, Netflix Canada, iTunes Canada, Priceline, Expedia and more.

Please note that it doesn’t mean you can’t go on the US site and purchase from US shops (a lot more choice ) but if you aren’t one to buy from the states then yes the Canadian sites will be useful to you.

Honestly, if you don’t have account, I strongly suggest you sign up. If you click on this link you are using my referral code which gives me Cash back. Once you have your account you can do the same with your friends. So thank you in advance for signing up using my link.

Sure there are other sites out there but Retail Me Not is my go-to site. I usually google “subject here coupon code” and I find results. It’s all trial and error and yes it takes a little time, but saving is what it’s all about so I don’t mind. Another tip is subscribing to the newsletters of stores you shop at. They send you updates and specials for “valued customers”. You can also interact with them on the facebook page and ask if they have any promos going on. I was able to save 15$ on an order because I wasn’t afraid to ask.

Now that majority of flyers have removed coupons you need to get your own. Sure they sometimes have in-store tear pads but I wouldn’t bet my savings on those. Here are a few sites I use to chose coupons (online) that are then mailed to me.

Also, every Sunday with your local newspaper you get a 8 page flyer  from P&G (Procter and Gamble) and there are many coupons in there as well. From creams, to food and even to save money for pet items.

You can find many tips on savings and where to find coupons from forums but in Canada we don’t have many. Here are a few

Majority of the time there though there are savings in the rest of Canada but Quebec is excluded. Recently a Quebec Coupon Forum site was created (French only) but they have great tips and they even email you when there are free samples (full size) up for grabs. Sure you have to be quick but it’s my favorite go to site (and signing up to the newsletter makes it even easier to save)

Another tip to save money is knowing the when things go on sale (if you purchased an item full price or slightly on sale) There’s a law in Quebec if you purchased an item regular or sale price and it happens to be even cheaper within 10 days of your original purchase the store will reimburse you the difference. This applies to online sites and in-store as well (unless otherwise noted) Also, seeing that the return policy on items is usually 30-60 days they might even extend the 10 day law to match their return policy. Sweet deal!

One last tip (that I can think of) is the Price labeling and accuracy law (in Quebec). The law states that if you purchase an item and it scans to a price higher than what is indicated on the label one of the 2 following adjustments must be made :

  • Item under 10$. They give you the first product free and any additional items purchase will be adjusted to the proper price.
Say I buy a brick of cheese said to be 4.99$ but at the cash register it scans at 5.99$ you advise the cashier and they are suppose to give you the item for free.
  • Items over 10$. They adjust the price of the advertised label and knock off a 10$ additional (for the first item) and any additional items are adjusted to the proper price.

Say I buy a bag of diapers said to be 23.99$ for the package but scan at 29.99$, once you mention it doesn’t scan at the right price, if you are right then they must charge you 23.99$ – 10$ = 13.99$ (for the first package) and 23.99$ for any additional items.

Be sure to check labels properly. Sometimes you might not purchase the right format or the right brand, but if the label is in front of the item you purchased, then technically they should do the adjustment. Stores don’t like to talk about this law so it’s possible they try and tell you that you are wrong, that it’s not the right product. etc. If you are sure, stick your ground or ask to speak to a manager. Get to know the policy and check your bills! (or the cash register)

For more tips on saving money, check out my Les Finances posts. Happy Savings everyone!!!

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