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Ma Garde-Robe : Mar / Apr Purchases

I’m a little behind on my waredrobe purchase updates. In case you haven’t followed along, I said I would purchase 1 item a month (on sale) to slowly built a selection I would be proud of. You can check out my previous purchases here :

March Purchase

In December I scored a great pair of boots and though my husband would tell you I don’t need any more shoes to add to my closet (honestly I don’t have many shoes – he’s a guy he doesn’t have a clue what A LOT is ) When I came across these leopard flats I was tempted and tried them on. Well… not only did they fit, but the price tag blew me away. Originally 24.97$ at Zellers ( our Canadian version of a Target) marked down to 7$ … That’s over 70$ off!!! how could I walk away from that?! So ya, I got them. (obviously)

April Purchase

Part of my goal was to increase the number of dresses in my closet. Reason for that, dresses are just so easy to dress up or down. Clearly being extremely pregnant meant I had to find a dress that would work well pregnant and after bebe. Obviously a Maxi dress is the best option for that. This one I found at a local store. It wasn’t on sale, but it wasn’t very expensive either. I was able to score this dress for $19.99 pretty good considering it wasn’t on sale.

Slowly but surely things are coming along. And I can’t wait to do the tally of my purchases at the end of the year. Now, if only I can find a nice jean jacket on sale. That’s something I’ve wanted for quite some time now, but can’t seem to find the right one. (or on sale) Any tips on where I should look?


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