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Ma garde-robe : Purchase Dec & Jan

In my 2012 image post, I mentioned how this year it was all about image and that I would be working on my outfits to be a little more presentable. I said I would purchase 1 item a month (on sale) to slowly built a selection I would be proud of. Right now, it’s all unmatchy items, some with holes others that just are screaming to be given away so it’s time to start planning. I’m guilty of keeping clothes “in case” I lose weight. Let’s get serious, it’s been in my closet for years and I’ve never worn it… so I think it’s also time to donate those items too.

I cheated and decided to start just a few days before the new years. So right after Christmas, I wanted to take advantage of the boxing day sales (our Canadian version of Black Friday) and seeing I have the hardest time to find boots, (been searching for 3 years) I didn’t think I would be successful. I decided to go into Sears (a store I rarely go in) and came across these beauties!!! (which were 40% off!!!) I was beyond excited that they actually fit my calves and even had room for my jeans!!! SCORE!!! Originally 99,99$ marked down 79,99$ and 40% off that, they cost me 55$ taxes in!!!

Then for my January purchase, I came across this beautiful Chain Lock Bowler Bag in Ivory from Urban Oufitters. It was originally 69,99$, reduced to 49,99$ and I happened to have a 20% discount on top of that! So my bag ended up being 43% off!!! Sweet deal once again. I haven’t received the bag yet (awaiting anxiously) but based on the reviews this is a FAB bag!!!

Now, seeing I got a boots and a purse I have no choice but to buy a piece of clothing or an accessory. It might be a little tough seeing I’m 23 weeks pregnant, but I’m sure I can find universal pieces… or at least I hope so. What’s a must have in your wardrobe? Clearly I need a check list of essential clothing pieces.

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