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Ma garde-robe : Purchase February

As I mentioned in a previous post about the lack of maternity wear in Canada, finding great maternity clothes isn’t easy. I’m a skirt / dress lover even if my wardrobe lacks both… but its so easy to put an outfit together with a dress. Just slip on, add a few accessoires and you are ready to go. Unfortunately I haven’t had much luck in finding nice maternity dresses with the stores we have here, and well shipping from US stores is pricey. Then someone mentioned ASOS and I was clueless on what that meant (I figured it was another one of the acronyms I knew nothing about) When I realized it was the store name, I added that to my list of blond moments.

I spent days debating what I should get seeing I LOVED a lot of their options. Time to share my February purchase (s). Yes I broke the rules and purchased 2 dresses, but 1 doesn’t really count seeing it’s for a wedding this coming april.

Dress #1 – Knitted Midi Dress in a light cream color with navy blue stripes – 71.00$

This was not on sale… I KNOW! (another rule broken) but I loved it so, and figured I could wear it again after baby (which is the point of why I chose these 2 dresses) When I received it, it was a little on the transparent side but I love it so figured I would just purchase a slip to put under it. (Now to find that slip!)

Dress #2 – Wrap Bust Maxi Dress in Black – Originally $62.50 Paid $46.50 (That’s 25% off) 

The picture shows the red version but I got the black one. I simply wanted to show the detailing of the bust area. This dress fits perfectly and is super comfortable. I can’t wait to wear it this summer maybe paired with a jean jacket (now to get a jean jacket)

After I placed my order, I realized that Ebates offered a 3.5% cash back on ASOS.com orders. I was so angry at myself for not checking before. That’s a $4.00 I lost… Boo me. Luckily now, I over check every single site I purchase from to make sure I utilize Ebates to the max.

[ Dress 1 | Dress 2 ]

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