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Maternity shoot

When I was pregnant with Mavrick I didn’t opt to take any maternity shots. I considered it to be honest, but when it was time to actually go for it I started having stretch marks on my bump so belly shots were out of the questions. One thing lead to the other and it just didn’t happen. Then I got pregnant with Sienna and I knew I wanted some bump shots (but covered) I figured it would be great for Sienna to have something her brother didn’t. I don’t know why that is but a second pregnancy isn’t like a first. We don’t have time to remember all the little milestones so capturing my bump seems so much more important this time around.

My friend and oh-so talented photographer Christina Esteban offered to take pictures of Sienna in womb and here are just a few of my favorite shots. I was about 38 weeks here, so yes I was ready to pop. I can’t believe it’s been over two months already.

My original plans was to wear a dress but the weather didn’t permit it… even if it was May. It was cold, wet and there was fog. Even my hair ended up having a life of it’s own. Regardless, I love how the pictures came out. Christina is always a pleasure to work with. (Remember she’s the one that took the pictures of Mavrick’s first birthday) Thank you Chris… you are a rock star in the land of photographers. xxx

Images : Christina Esteban

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