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[Reblog] Mavis Vintage Newspaper boy theme Party

Pulled this post out of the archives. Figured it was the perfect first post to put on the blog after I launched Sucre + Confetti

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Mavrick’s first birthday. I’ve been thinking & planning his birthday I would say at the 6 month mark. (Yes, I’m a little nuts when it comes to planning stuff) But I wanted it to be a memorable one. What can I say, that’s the designer in me.  Ever since he’s been a baby, I always said Mavrick looks like one of those vintage babies… so the idea to have a vintage newspaper boy themed birthday party seemed to be the perfect match.

I asked my father to hand over months of newspapers (once he was done reading them, of course) and I used them throughout the event. I designed a vintage style newspaper invitation that I sent to family and friends just to give them a feel of what was to come. (ha, the surprise that was awaiting them)

For the decorations I purchased Accordian Blue Paper Lanterns, crepe paper streamers and I DIY newspaper streamers to create the backdrop for the table. I also found on etsy some newsprint fabric that I used as table runners. I had some left over white 17″ balloons that I hung from our maple tree and purchased 36″ balloons and tied them around our pool. I used newsprint to DIY a “Mavrick” Banner I tied in the front of the table.

To go with the color theme of gray,white, black and blue, I opted to make a blue punch (which was really good, refreshing and easy to make (see bottom of post for recipe) I reused some baby food containers to serve as glasses. I purchased some striped paper straws  and wrapped the glasses with some newsprint fabric

Seeing the theme was vintage related, I wanted the menu to reflect food from that time as well. I mean why not go all that way? So I decided to make  mini burgers, mini hot dogs, fries with vintage containers, mac & cheese, grill cheese and smoke meat. All homemade. I decided to put the crudités in vases to make it more interesting, and I made salad on a stick (tomato, cucumber, cheese and fresh basil)

As for the desserts I made, I also wanted to make some sweets they had back in the days so mini chocolate chip cookies, rice krispies squares, chocolate dipped marshmallows were a must and I made cake balls,  cupcakes, cake and mini fruit skewers. I even had bazooka gum, blue rock candy swizzle sticks and homemade popsicles.

For the cake, I decided to make it two-toned to mimic the colors of the newspaper. You don’t see it that clearly but there were a beige and two grayish layers. I decided to make dots all over the cake just for the fun of it. I DIYed a streamer cake topper with ribbon and fabric to really tie in the background decor and the cake.

What would be a birthday boy without a birthday hat? I DIYed a newspaper hat with a big fat “1” on it. He didn’t really love wearing it, but the cake distracted him so we were able to capture a few shots. Seeing I wanted Mavrick to really indulge in his birthday cake, I made a mini vanilla cake him with a little less sugar. Let me tell you he loved it, and of course there was cake all over the place.

The party was a huge success and everyone enjoyed the food and all the little details of the event. I want to say a huge thank you to my family and friends (you know who you are) for helping me out to make Mavi’s birthday a success. A shout out to my talented photographer Christina for capturing all these great memories. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to next year :]


  • 36″ Balloons:  5.25$ each // Sucre + Confetti
  • Newspaper Print Fabric :  12$ / yard // Etsy Seller Cottonholic
  • Drink Dispenser : 19$ //  Costco
  • Newspaper Invitations //  Sucre + Confetti
  • Paper Straws : $4 for 25 //  Sucre + Confetti
  • Blue Paper Lanterns : $8.99 // Martha Stewart Celebrate
  • Cupcake Stand (DIYed with newpaper trim): $10 // Martha Stewart
  • Coloured Streamers : $4 // Local Dollar Store
  • Bazooka Gum & Sugar Swivel Sticks  // Bulk Barn 
  • Vintage Milk Bottles // Already Owned (purchased at thrift shops)
  • Two Sided Standing Frame : $0.99 // Ikea
  • Blue Milk Basket // Already Owned (purchased at Home Sense)
  • Vintage Straw Dispenser // Already Owned (purchased on Amazon)
  • Paper containers & checkered wax paper  // Gift (purchased at Abc Emballuxe)

Images courtesy of : Christina Esteban Photography

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