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Mavrick Roomspiration

Sometime last year, I participated in a contest on Nesting LLC and I won a  twigs e-design package, valued at $375. I was beyond excited because even though I’m a designer, it’s nice to have the vision of someone else who is talented and trust me Susan is one talented mama-to-be. Originally seeing I only had Mavrick, I asked Susan if she could come up with some inspiration for Mavrick’s toddler room. Sure I was way ahead of my time because we are just starting to think theme/decor but having something to base myself on has been awesome.

I gave her a list of the furniture we already had ( the bed and the dresser) and explained that I wanted something that would grow well with him (meaning not to theme-ish) This is what she came up with.

She told me she would leave the bed as is, but paint the dresser a cream color which is what we did. (Well we technically painted the dresser an Ikea off white) At the time, Mavrick’s room was staying where it is now… but since then I got pregnant, we are moving in the basement and we are splitting Mavrick’s room into a room / playroom.

We have a gray shaggy rug and gray bed linens, but other than that we don’t have much to work with. I love the idea of adding other wood type elements in the room so that the bed doesn’t feel “out of place”  but I’m afraid with the playroom area it will all look like missmash. The hubs wants to add some superman theme of some sort and I am fighting with my very last ounce of breath to make him understand that it won’t happen. I told him the most he can have is this illustration in a wood frame…. and MAYBE a Cars stuffed car. (maybe Mater to match the “wood”)

I want to do something cool, maybe a mural or something that will make the space a WOW factor. But I have no idea where to start. Have you seen some great roomspiration ? Or some unique ideas I should consider?


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