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Michaels crafts it’s way to Quebec

A couple of years ago I contacted Michaels to see if they had any franchise possibilities for a Montreal store. The person I spoke unfortunately announced that it wasn’t a possibility. This made me sad because I knew how much we were missing out on not only the great products but great deals.

Fast forward to last summer, my little family took a mini 2 hour road trip to Ontario to buy a few items on sale (and worth the trip) just as we were about leave the cashier (who knew we came from Montreal because of our postal code) gladly told us that there were plans on opening a Montreal location. I seriously jumped with joy! She said she didn’t know when or where but that it was in the works seeing they were training a regional manager. How excited we’re we! (my husband more than me)


When the cashier told us a Montreal location I figured it was just 1. Well NO!!!! they are opening 7… 7 stores in the greater montreal region come fall of this year. Cue the crafting angels…. Ahhhhhhhh

So after 6 years of wanting the craft store in my province it’s finally near… Really near. Thank you Michaels for crafting your way to Quebec. You won’t be disappointed.

I just feel the store gods have heard my prayers over the years. Crate & Barrel, Tiffany & Co., Michaels and Target in 2013. We are making progress people.

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