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New Apple Logo?

It’s no secret I am sold to all Apple products. I’ve been using apple since I could use a mouse and it was my first computer ever. Being a graphic designer, I was able to see the evolution of Apple products thought out the years as well as their logo. Yesterday, the hype was all about “The New iPad” yup, they actually called the new iPad “The New iPad” but at the end of their presentation, there was a colored version of the apple logo (a new updated one from the classic rainbow version we all knew to love from 1976-1998) and I’m really hoping that this is their new logo.

I love how they incorporated all the colors in a watercolor meshed design and brings you back to the Apple roots! I think with all their innovative products, having a colored logo makes it all less “technically and snobby” and definitely makes it more accessible to everyone. Plus, you need to think about how children today play an important role in choosing brands (at an early age) and clearly a colorful apple will grasp any child’s attention then a “sleek grayish” one. I think it would be a smart move. Going color means they are open to diversity, to change, and seeing color is their strong suit when developing products it only makes sense.

What do you think? Should they opt for a colored logo? Do you like it?

[ Gizmodo ]

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