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New Rosanna Inc.

A while back,  I got a 50$ voucher at Rosanna Inc., but deciding what I want has been a complicated task. My plan was to originally get a cake stand, but I recently acquired a new one and that puts me at 3. Sure I can add another one to my collection ( and personally I think I might) but now it’s even harder to choose!

Rosanna just launched her new website with her fall/winter collection. New with cake domes, new service platters and christmas plates. I am loving pretty much everything on her site so to decide what I want… not so obvious.

To make things even better, she is offering 10% off on all orders (Code : NEWWEB) to celebrate the launch of the new site. YAY! I sweet is that. Not only do I get 50$ worth for 25$ but I also get a 10% off on top of that. Now, that my friends makes my budget/wallet happy.

What do you like best from her new collection? Would you get something new or go with a classic cake stand?

[ Images : Rosanna Inc. ]

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