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Nursery progress : The Floors

Hey everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and ate lots of chocolate for easter! Sorry it’s been pretty quiet around here, but we’ve been busy prepping the nursery for baby girl. (amongst other things) I’m so happy to say that we’ve finally started and progress is going rather well. Obviously with less than 6 weeks to go, we still have much to do, but I am not stressing seeing I think I’ll be done everything in about 3 weeks time. (let’s just hope she doesn’t come 3 weeks early. hehe)

I was debating whether I should blog about the process before the nursery was done, but I am so damn excited about our floors (and seeing I’ve been instagram-ing the hell out of them) I figured why not. We I decided to paint our wood floors (will a little convincing from my friend Gen) Everyone, including my husband thought I was nuts. Not that they don’t like the idea of painted floors, but just the thought of actually painting over pretty floors (because let’s admit, mine were in EXCELLENT condition) is heartbreaking.

I wanted baby girls nursery to be different then what we see everywhere. I wanted a “wow” factor and let me tell you I am more than happy with how my floors came out. I opted to go mint (even if we had originally thought pink) because I feel it’s a pretty neutral color that can fit with almost anything as she grows up.

I apologize in advance for the crappy photos, but they’ve been instagram-ed and I only have an iPhone camera. Either way, you will get the point and see the progress. Plus, when the nursery will be completely finished I will either ask my friend to come take pictures of I’ll borrow her camera.

Before : (this is how Mavrick’s nursery was originally painted)

Step 1 : Sanding and priming the floors  (thank you to my hubby and FIL)

Step 2 : After passing the vacuum, the floor is ready for it’s first coat of paint. Then the second coat was applied the next day.

Step 3 : Taping of the floors for our “floor piping” (I like to call it)

Step 4 : Painting of the white stripe (2 coats needed)

Step 5 : Remove the frog tape while second coat is still wet.

Step 6 : Time to re-calculate and tape the smaller pipping.

Step 7 : Time to paint, this time in coral (2 coats needed)

Step 8 : Remove the frog tape while second coat is still wet.

Step 9 : Varnish the floors (we have to do this this week) But here is an overview of our floors and wainscoting.

Sure I’m focusing on the floors, but we actually painted the walls as well. Everything except the wainscoting is a white (not 100% pure) but white nonetheless. I painted the wainscoting the same color as the floor (mint) so that it blends in. What I am most happy about is that my husband actually loves the floors. So much that he’s even talking about painting other spaces in my house. ha! (how cute of him!) Sure all the paint for the room wasn’t cheap. It came out to about 325$ (for floor, wall paint and varnish) but seeing that it’s the main focus to the room (and will last years) it was worth the investment in my opinion.

Would you paint wood floors?

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