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Painting wood floors

When thinking about the nursery, I know I want to do something different, something to step away from the classics and when my fabulous designer friend Genevieve suggested we paint the wooden floors I admit I was both terrified and excited at the same time.

The look of painted wood floors is amazing… but yes, you have to be daring and yes you have to be willing to go all out. Usually people paint instead of replacing extremely ruined floors, but in our case the floors are actually in excellent condition so it makes it even harder to jump in. I’m not sure my husband is on board 100% just yet, but he usually loves what I do when decorating the house, but he doesn’t want to know the before or during… just wants to see the finished product. (men! )

I think seeing we aren’t planning on moving anytime soon… having painted floors in the nursery which will then grow with her along the years, might be neat. Different… and if we do decide to sell… the new owners will either love it (and do it for other spaces in the house) or opt to simply sand, dye & varnish it. Plus paint is the cheapest and easiest way to makeover a room.

I won’t go all graphic, heck I don’t want to give my husband a heart attack, but I think a colored floor or even a white one will add so much impact to a small space. Don’t you think?

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