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Pinterest : The 101

Like everything new on the web it takes time for people to do things right. When it comes to blogging we all know that there’s an etiquette to follow; credit sources, don’t steal content from other bloggers and claim as your own, mention to your readers when you are compensated for a review… and the list goes on. As you know, I’ve been pinning since July of last year and as much as I LOVE THE SITE…. people (some, not all) are going about it all wrong.

Just like blogging, you’d be surprised to know that  there is a Pinterest etiquette. I’m not trying to claim that I do it all right, we are all human, but if we are aware of it, it only makes us better… right?  I thought  I would give you a 101 (and feel free to add to it) about Pinterest.

Like I mentioned, I don’t do it perfect… not even close and it’s harder to control when a pretty image pops up in your feed and you simply repin it (which is what I tend to do ALOT)

    When I see something I love on pinterest the first thing I do is click on the image to go to the blog/site it comes from for additional details. Say for example; price, where I can get that specific item or how I should go about making it (tutorial) It happens too many times that I click on the image and it just links to the image. FAIL! I don’t know where the image is coming from nor do I know how to find it. This is the #1 mistake from pinners.

    If you installed the Pin It Bookmark (Safari, Firefox & Chrome) be sure you click on the actual post (for the specific URL) and then use the Pin It Bookmark. That way it will save the Post Unique URL rather than the website’s URL. This happens alot with Tumblr Posts. (links to say page 6, but by the time you click on the link the image is not on page 6 but maybe page 13) Hours of searching = no fun.

    As much as it’s easy to reblog something we’ve seen online, it’s as easy to pin something from a blog who’s reblogged content. Sure it’s easy to do, but it really sucks for the original source. I mean seeing their “post/image/art/design” on pinterest coming from another source but their own. This has happened to me (and I’m not an important person 😉 ) so please try and avoid this. 

    If you are on a blog and like something but see there’s a source for the image, click on that link until you find the original source and pin away. Yes this may be time consuming I know (finding the original source) but in the end it will eliminate sourcing issues. If you can’t go this route, then might I add you credit the “original” source in the description. (see image below)

    As much as I love Pinterest, I find that it lacks one thing. Either a notification when someone pins you (maybe a la pingback) or a way to search a specific domain on pinterest to see who pinned art/design/photography from your site. I even went forward and sent the suggestion to the peeps over at the pin kingdom and they thanked me for the suggestion.

    You can do one of three things. #1 – leave a comment on the post of the blogger saying you pinned their pic and leave the unique URL of that pin. #2 –  you can mention (@) the author/source of the image (if you follow that specific person) or #3 – If you don’t follow that person, then tag either their name or their blog name (i.e. #blushink) That way searching to see who pinned you will be easier to find. (Ideally I would do 1 & 2/3) but as long as one is done… then yay!

Okay enough about the don’t of pinterest and on to the Dos. Do use it, Do follow people, Do like, Do mention and most of all HAVE FUN DO-ing it 😉  Last week I found a tip that is worth to be shared. Did you know that you can highlight type (say a source or description) and then press the pin it bookmark and it will copy/paste the text in the description box of the pin itself? Isn’t that great? You can go ahead and modify the text but it makes it so much easier/faster and you are sure not to make any spelling mistakes in names. If you are a visual person, check out the explanation on The Pinteresting Blog

Last but not least, did you know you can embed an image on pinterest directly on your blog and all the credits will be intact? All done for you so you know everything will work. It’s actually pretty great! You can find the embed button on the side of a pin next to the twitter, email and facebook button. You can even select the size of the image (but can’t go bigger than the original). This is what an embedded pin looks like :

Source: europaintfinishes.blogspot.com via Nancy on Pinterest

I promise I am not the Pinterest police… I just want everyone to enjoy all aspects of the site. Am I missing anything? Do you have more Pinterest Etiquette or tips? Please do share!

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