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Pretty Crafty Pumpkins

Who said pumpkins needed to stay orange? There are so many ways to reinvent them and designer extraordinaire Genevieve Ghaleb did just that for the efashionista baking in high heels event which took place tonight. How fabulous do these pumpkins look. Talk about an amazing centerpiece or outdoor decor your neighbors will surely notice.

Don’t get overwhelmed with the term designer, because you too can create these pretty pumpkins yourself. All you need is the following & a little imagination.

  • Pumpkins of various sizes
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glitter – Lots of glitter
  • Paint
  • Fake Flowers
  • Beading of choice (this case pearls)
  • Rhinestones

This color palette was a pretty classic one, but one I love. Whites, Golds, Bronze, Copper… you can’t go wrong with that. But the possibilities are endless. Maybe opt for a monochromatic scheme, or even an neon filled one. It really depends on how you feel at the moment. Have fun… that’s all that counts (and make your kids/friends participate too!)

Thank you Genevieve Ghaleb for sharing your awesome creation! Happy Fall / Halloween everyone!

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