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Glamnuptials: REAL Wedding Inspiration Board

When I was planning my own wedding, I loved seeing inspiration boards. I couldn’t get enough and I was making myself some as well. It really gave an overall feel of what type of wedding I was going for,  and it’s a great starting point to any party planning.

What I loved even more was seeing real wedding inspiration boards and comparing the original ideas with what the wedding actually turned out to look like. It’s fun to see if the theme/ideas stayed the same and also to see if the wedding turned out better than the inspiration board itself!

I made my own before and after boards. (click to enlarge):

Original Inspiration Board
(1940s, Vintage, Glamour Theme)

Real Wedding Inspiration Board
(1940s Vintage Glam Movie Theme)

Our wedding theme changed a little in the planning process. When I first created my inspiration board, I was going for my pinks, golds, champagne colors and more a vintage modern approach. Then, it shifted to a 1940s brown and ivory movie vintage theme. Honestly I really like how our wedding came out, and if I were to do it again, it would be exactly the same.

I have to confess that I was sort of competing with my own inspiration board. I wanted my wedding to be better than what I had envisioned. I know… isn’t it weird? What do you think, is our real wedding board better than the original?

Did you make a real wedding board as well? If so, I would love to feature them on Glamour This! so email me : deluca.kelly @ gmail dot com your original inspiration, the real wedding inspiration board and a little background on your wedding.

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