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Ruche goes bridal… real soon.

For some time now, brides have been going to ShopRuche.com and purchasing regular dresses for their bridal party. They have some extremely cute options and their vintage flare paired with their affordable prices makes it an easy choice. ShopRuche.com is another one of those sites that I spend hours looking at all the clothes, shoes and accessoires but have yet to click on buy. The reviews have been great thus far (I follow them closely on their Facebook Fan Page)

Ruche announced a while back that they will be launching their bridal collection on March 19th. Even if I am not getting married (been there, done that) I can’t wait to see their version of bridal. I’m sure these 2 pieces will be part of the collection, but then again this is only speculation.

Sweet Mystery Veiled Headband
– 28.99$

Making New Memories Lace Dress
– 52.99$

Have you purchased anything from ShopRuche.com ? I’m looking forward to getting myself a piece (eventually) maybe it will be in my buy a piece a month rule. Happy Hump Day everyone!

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