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Saving Breastmilk : Milkies

You might of heard someone talk about breastmilk as liquid gold. The reason for that is because it just is. It’s precious and we don’t want to waste it. I remember when I was pumping my milk for Mavrick I actually dropped a whole 4 oz on the floor. I wanted to cry. Its hard enough to breastfeed, so having to add pumping on top of that… you want to make sure you keep every drop.

I received a Milkies Milk-Saver Breast Milk Collector as a gift from a friend and even though Sienna is on the verge of turning 2 months old, I have to admit that I haven’t used it until this morning.

Basically it collects your leaking breast milk when you nurse/pump, allowing you to store extra breast milk effortlessly. To be honest, I never knew how much milk would leak while I nursed or pumped. I always wear a nursing pad so clearly all the milk would be collected in there. But when I forgot to put a pad once, and noticed my jeans were drenched, I thought… okay I do have a lot leaking.

This morning, I decided to pump and put the collector on my other breast (inside my bra) It is actually very comfortable but I didn’t have high hopes. I was told you could save a good amount of breastmilk if you used the collector, but I was skeptical. I didn’t pump very long, maybe 2 mins, and while I collected about 1.5 oz from the breast I was pumping, I could see I had a fair amount in the collector. I added it to the bottle of the freshly pumped milk and could you believe I gathered about 1.5 oz as well. THAT IS INSANE?! All this time my liquid gold has been going to waste!

If you aren’t a fan of pumping, I strongly suggest you get this to help save as much milk as possible. Same goes for breastfeeding (especially if baby has a strong latch… who knows how much milk you’ll collect)

I have not been paid by the company whatsoever to blog about their product. This is just me sharing the oh-so-awesomeness of this liquid gold saver. Do you have a collector?

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