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Sienna’s Emerald Gem First Birthday

When I started thinking about Sienna’s first birthday in May, I knew I wanted a specific color – emerald. Being the graphic designer geek that I am, when emerald was announced to be the Pantone color of the year for 2013, I knew it was meant to be seeing it happened to be May’s birthstone. That’s when I decided to combine the color and the gem for an emerald gem themed first birthday.

As soon as the theme was decided my mind started thinking of all the possibilities and what could be done. I started by deciding on a color scheme and design an inspiration board to guide me along in the planning process and went ahead and designed the invitation which then set the tone for all the other graphic elements. Emerald green is a pretty dark color so I wanted to focus on lighting it up a notch and thought that mint greens and light blue with a touch of gold might just do it.

We celebrated Sienna’s birthday on mother’s day and to thank all the mommies for being awesome at their job, We created mini emerald bloc colored planters to give as a thank you. A hand cut (yes with an x-acto) “Happy Birthday Sienna” Banner was made to hang in the window. Apart from being extremely time consuming, it was absolutely stunning. I even created an Emerald shaped Pinata filled with toys and candy for the kids (and of course it included some emerald ring pops)

The invitation was designed with a subtle emerald pattern in the various blues, mints, green and gold tones. I used the same pattern for the water labels and food tags and placed gems on the table for that extra glitter. For the first year, I took monthly picture of Sienna to document her growth and how much she changed each month. Using the pictures (in black in white) I created an emerald garland which I placed as a backdrop for the food table.

Tassel garlands in whites, mint, emerald and gold were made to place in front of the table. I even attached emeralds on each tassel individual tassel. Some other elements that played an important role in the overall feel of the party were the emerald striped paper straws, pretty packaged wooden utensils in green treat bags and giant round latex balloons in mint, emerald and blue without forgetting the 40″ giant gold foil “1” .

I decided to opt for a brunch with desserts.  A 11 o’clock party simply because I didn’t want it to interfere with naps (yes, this is coming from a mom of two) I just  thought the idea of a brunch was quite different then what we usually see for a kids party and then there’s the obvious – who doesn’t like breakfast food? We had croissants, chocolate croissants, salads, wraps, crudités and cheeses but the best part and the food that really made the party were the eggs in ham. So easy to make, quick and not to mention such a lovely presentation. The idea is simple, grab a muffin pan, spray it with cooking spray, put your ham in the bottom, crack and egg open, put some pepper and salt and cook in the over for 20-25 mins at 375 degrees F. You can get 24 breakfast cups at once.

For desserts, the show stopper was an emerald fondant salted caramel vanilla cake by the talented Luisa Galuppo Cakes. Not only was it beautiful it was so delicious and moist that the guests kept asking for more. Apart from the cake, the guest had a million options for sweets. Emerald shaped sugar candies , emerald ring pops, Cake push pops, cupcakes, rice treats on a stick and cakepops all by Farine & Chocolat.

I created a custom birthday crown for Sienna with an Emerald and a 1! I’m surprised she actually kept it on the whole time. I made her a small smash cake (in green) and instead of a candle I used a ring pop as a cake topper. She was loving the idea and kept thinking it was a pacifier and tried sucking on it.

The party was an imense success and I couldn’t of done it without the vendors. So a big shout out goes to Luisa Galuppo and Farine & Chocolat. Not to mention the talented Christina Esteban for capturing all the little details of Sienna’s first birthday.

Below you will find a list of resources :

Photography : Christina Esteban Photography : http://www.christinaestebanphotography.com/
Party Concept + Invitation Design :  Sucre + Confetti : http://www.sucreconfetti.com/
Cake : Luisa Galuppo Cakes : http://www.luisagaluppocakes.com/
Cakepops, Push Pops, Rice Treats and Cupcakes : Farine & Chocolat : http://www.farineetchocolat.com
Balloons, Tissue Garland, Paper Fans : Sucre + Confetti : http://www.sucreconfetti.com/
Emerald Sugared Gems : Candied Cakes : CandiedCakes
Paper Straws, Wooden Utensils, Treat Bags:  Sucre + Confetti : http://www.sucreconfetti.com/

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