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Sienna’s first 6 months

Hello baby girl; can you believe that you recently turned 6 months? That’s the halfway mark and it seems you are growing at lightning speed. It’s hard to believe, but my newborn is no longer. You are becoming one adorable little person. Even the littlest things you do make me smile and bring such joy to my life. Having a girl makes me happy is an understatement.

At 1 month you basically loved eating, and sleeping (you get that from me!) but I couldn’t help to dress you up every chance I got. At your 1 month appointment, the doctor couldn’t help but notice you almost doubled in size. Clearly you were a milk lover and you had enough rolls to prove it.

At 2 months you started to smile and made my heart melt even more! I never thought anyone could be more smiley and happy than your brother, but there you went and prove me wrong. One thing you dislike with a passion is when we wet your hair. Oh bath time is definitely not your favorite moment (it still isn’t at 4 months!).

By month 3 we could officially call you little miss chatterbox. You even decided 3am was the perfect moment to strike up a conversation (with yourself). You are such a happy baby, I still can’t get over it. You LOVE looking at yourself in the mirror and standing up (even if it’s for 2 seconds), but what you love the most are your hands. If you could, you would put both hands in your mouth at the same time.

Your brother Mavrick, what can I say… the love you have for him even at 4 months is indescribable. Every time he’s in the same room as you, you look at him with such awe which automatically makes you smile. You love it when he holds you or kisses your face. It’s the sweetest thing ever and I can’t wait until you are a little older so that you can play together.

Prior to your 4 month birthday, bathtime was your least favorite thing. Well now you love it! You splash around, chatter and don’t even cry. You even took a bath with your big brother for the first time and it was so fun to watch. You are mastering holding objects, and though you don’t realize it yet, you have an amazing pitch!

A big milestone was getting your ears pierced. I always knew you’d get them pierced early on and grandma offered to bring you. She got you your first pair of emerald earrings (your birthstone) and I couldn’t be happier. You barely cried and look even more adorable now!

At your 5 month birthday I decided to start giving you solids, but after having tummy aches and gas I decided to wait 2 weeks to start up again. I don’t know what changed in those two weeks, but now you eat like a champ. Your favorite is anything fruit, more specifically bananas and pears. As for vegetables, green beans are your favorite and peas not so much (but that’s okay your brother wasn’t a fan either).

You love sitting in the highchair and your favorite game is trying to grab on to the water bottle… oh boy do you love drinking water. You still are exclusively breastfed even though grandma attempted to give you formula while I was at a wedding, but you didn’t want any.

This picture represents how you are every second of every day — a happy, smiley, baby. It’s contagious. You are becoming a little madame – wanting to sit up by yourself  but you get too excited about what’s happening around you that you fall over. Then you roll on your stomach and you get frustrated. You still haven’t mastered the tummy to back roll… soon I hope.

You still have your fingers in your mouth the majority of the time and though you haven’t started teething yet, it’s coming… I can see it. Your favorite body part is your feet. Who needs toys when you have feet for entertainment. At your 6 month check up, you weighed in at 18 lbs and 27.5″ which puts you in the 85 percentile for weight and 90 percentile for length. You are definitely bigger than your brother at the same age.

As for sleep… it’s still on and off but you’ve been in your crib since you hit the 5 month mark. Some days you will sleep through the night, other times you will wake up 2-4 times a night, but I realized it wasn’t because you were hungry but because you needed to burp or had cramps or simply wanted your pacifier. Hopefully soon you will sleep through the night, but I can’t say I’m complaining since you are an amazing baby.

Both you and your brother melt my heart everyday. I’m so lucky to have both of you. You are my life and the reason I make it through even the toughest times. Mama loves you!

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