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Sienna’s Themed Newborn Shoot

When Sienna was born, I knew I wanted to get a newborn shoot done earlier than I did with Mavrick, but unfortunately baby girl got sick 7 days after being home so mama had to wait until her nose was no longer stuffy. Since Sienna was smaller than her brother at birth and she loved being in a little ball, I was certain it wouldn’t be an issue this time around.

I put on my thinking cap and starting thinking of themed shoots. I hadn’t done a themed shoot with Mavrick which was fine, but I wanted to opt for something a little more original this time around. Sienna, since birth has been a big drinker. She LOVES milk (well all newborns do – right?). So I decided to have a vintage milk shoot as one of the themes.



I had all these props at home alread: wire basket, milk bottles of various sizes and a wooden wine rack, that I decided to use for the milk instead. So when my photographer friend saw me arrive with all my props and milk (oh yes, I brought my own milk), she couldn’t help but chuckle. She said she expected nothing less of me. I even designed a milk sign.


The other theme I decided to do was a vintage bath theme. I’m a little intense with the vintage – what can I say, I’m a fan! So I grabbed what I had in my house and staged the studio. I used blue mason jars to put cotton balls and Q-tips, rolled up face cloths, books for reading during bath time and some tin containers I purchased from Target years ago. The bath shoot was a little less successful then the milk one, but I was able to get a few good shots.


Usually once the themed shoots are done, I like to take a few shots with baby, but unlike her brother she did the ugliest faces haha. Maybe it was the flash, but she was making the biggest eyes ever! We were only able to capture 2 pictures that were worth saving. At least I was able to get one with my baby girl!



I find she looks so different now, which is why it’s so important to take newborn pictures. It’s great to capture those first weeks. Sienna was about 20 days here (so not really newborn) but still, it’s a great memory to have and you’ll enjoy looking at them when your little one is even bigger.

Have you ever considered an original themed shoot?

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