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Spammers I hate you

When you have a blog, comments are like crack (no joke) but when spammers start flooding your inbox with comments that aren’t pertinent to the post it just pisses you off. For quite some time spammers used links and random jargon and Akismet would detect it and it wouldn’t even reach my inbox (would go straight to the spam section) so I would let comment automatically show up (I don’t love having to have either my comment or readers comments moderated) but then something changed so I had to make a few changes.

Don’t ask me how but dang those spammers are smart. They spam you alright and their comments make sense but have nothing to do with the post itself. Plus they put their author name as ‘Winter Tires’ or ‘Hardwood Flooring’ I mean really?! I had to take additional measures to make sure spammers don’t show their face on my blog so unfortunately I had to add a Captcha image at the bottom of the comment box.

Am I happy about it? Nope! Because that means I will be getting less comments now (seeing there are additional steps to acutally comment) but I figured it was worth not having an inbox flooding. So please… I hope you will still comment :]

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