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Sucre + Confetti Giveaway : Party in a bag

To celebrate hitting the 500 fans milestone (whoohoooo!) for my new Sucre + Confetti facebook page, I decided to have a giveaway. Who doesn’t like parties and more so pretty decoration to make it happen. We are giving away 40$ worth of party supplies from paper straws, garlands, balloons, treat bags and paper fans. Bascially all you need to impress your guest for your next party.

The winner will be able to choose between two themes : Monsieur Green or Madame Peach.

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The contest is open worldwide! We figured everyone likes to party! Contest ends June 12th and winner will be announced the following day.
You can have up to 7 entries for the contest… just to name a few….

Be sure to stop by our etsy shop too! GOOD LUCK!!

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