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The double stroller search

When we originally purchased our stroller, we I didn’t do much research. I honestly went with a bundle pack which included the Travel System (stroller / carseat), high chair and playpen (599$) in the Chicco brand. As much as general reviews about the Cortina system were pretty good, I didn’t love it. Sure the price for the bundle was amazing and we used the highchair and playpen but for the stroller… I wish I had done my research so that I would of purchased something with a double stroller option.

With the arrival of baby girl in May, Mavrick will only be 22 months. Even though he likes being independent, he still loves riding in a stroller so I need a double stroller to carry both kids around. I wanted the sit n’ stand option because I know come summer time, he will like riding standing up (or I assume he will) but I mean boys like that kind of stuff.

The sit n’ stand double strollers are very limited. I’ve been searching online for weeks and ones I’ve found are the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Strollerand the Baby Trend Sit N Stand. At first I kept looking at the Baby Trend models, but unfortunately we have very few here in Canada (and the prices much more expensive than in the US).

Wishlist :

  • Sit n Stand Stroller
  • Double Sunshields
  • Compatible with my Chicco Keyfit Carseat
  • Under 300$
  • Lightweight
  • Storage space (trust me, you’ll need it with 2)

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller, Blueberry

Baby Trend Sit N Stand DX Stroller, Vanguard

I have yet to test drive both stollers, but from the look of it through the reviews and features the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller seems to be winning. It is compatible with my carseat, which the BabyTrend has yet to confirm (I would need to bring it to the store and check there) Even though it seems to only have 1 sun shield, it’s actually wide enough for when Mavrick is sitting (the vanguard available in Canada has 2 separate sun shields), As for weight, the Joovy is only 21 pounds (ultralight) where as the other model is 32.5 pounds.

Now seeing I haven’t test driven any models yet, it’s the next thing on my to-do list. I think it’s important to test it out so that can properly check all the features on site. The only issue is that the Joovy isn’t available everywhere and finding a retailer seemed a little complicated. I finally found a store that holds the stroller but they are selling it at 299$ (versus 279$ for the Vanguard). I was a little bummed about that seeing it was cheaper on Amazon and US sites. Then… don’t ask me how I found this but I found the Joovy for 229$!!! Just for the price point I’m excited. It’s only available in orange or lime but what the heck I’m not paying 75$ more just for a color (that’s without taking into account our 14.5% taxes! brutal I KNOW!)

So as you can see, I’m leaning towards the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller probably in Orange. I can’t believe after all this time… I’m so close to having found THE STROLLER. Now, I guess once I can check that off my list, I can sell my Chicco one.

Do you have a sit n’ stand stroller? What brand/model did you go for?

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