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Tribute to Steve Jobs

Designer Jonathan Mak pays tribute to Steve Jobs
Sad news hit the twitter/facebook/media yesterday. A wonderful, inspiration and creative genius left us. As a designer I can’t help but be thankful for him, for his work. It’s because of a man like Steve Jobs that I do what I do, so easily and with such love for the products I use. I’ve been an Apple fan since the day I started college in the Graphic Design field. My first was a G4 tower  with the must have ZIP files, then I upgraded to the first generation of iMacs G5 (minus the isight) and even though our 7 years together had been great I finally got a MacBookPro. Obviously during that time I had 2 iphones (the 3 and the 4) and recently got the iPad2.
Thank you from me and I hope you know you will be missed. If the person who will step in your shoes is only 1/10 of what you were, Apple will be okay. (I think)

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