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A TWIST ON THE CLASSIC : Modern Holiday decorations

The holidays have to be my favorite time of year. It brings back so many great memories of my childhood and now that I have kids seeing the sparkle in their eye when they see decorations or the toy section in the flyers makes my heart melt. Decorating is the portion I absolutely love. I usually put on Christmas music (in November) and start dressing up our home.

For me, the holidays means classic green and red decorations. That being said, I will admit to add a few pops of colors here any there or elements that may make it a litte more modern. What better way, then to show you what I mean.

Whether you like natural elements as decor, pine cones, fruit, branches or you are more of an ribbon / ornament kind of person, know you can easily pair the two and have a result that will look great. In this set up, I grabbed a few things I had in my boxes ; pine cones, ornaments, ribbon and mixed in some new stuff.

One of my favorite things about the holidays is its pomegranate season. Theres something about this fruit, maybe because it looks like a fruity ornament? I love using them for holiday decor but you can also use the seeds to spruce up a signature drink.

I love having pre-wrapped wooden utensils in treat bags. Its easy to do, simply fold napkin put it in the bag, add the utensils and fold over the excess bag and tie it with ribbon or twine. You can then embellish them to your liking. Maybe a simple snowflake or personalized them with a name tag and they can serve as a place card.

We all know that theres dessert overload during the holidays. One thing I loved and remember so clearly were my grandmothers homemade donuts. I thought it would be interesting to present them in a new light. Simply grab some paper straws, milk and miniature donuts and serve away.

Below you will find an inspiration board as well as suggestions of products to make this “theme” a reality. Obviously there are some elements you can use from your holiday decorations. From pinecones, ornaments to ribbon. Its all about presentation and having a few key decor pieces will certainly make holiday decor stand out.

C’est la Fête : Classic Holiday Twist

1, 2, 5 – Honeycomb fans | 3 – Wooden Utensils | 4 – Treat Bags | 6 – Tassel Garland Kit | 7- Pomegrante (fruit) | 8 – Swiss Dot Paper Straws | 9 – Bakers Twine | 10 – Compote Pedestal | 11 – Paper Baking Cups

Be sure to check out my other C’est la Fête theme boards for more inspiration. It’s all about thinking outside of the box. To change the way we see parties and how we can leave a lasting impression on our guest. It’s the little things and it doesn’t have to be expensive. The most important thing is to add a touch of YOU!

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