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Underwater Maternity Shoot

When I came across this underwater maternity shoot, I knew I had to share. I love the magical aspect of underwater pictures and this shoot done in Hawaii by the talented Ruth Powell of Ruth Anne Photography is simply amazing (not to mention how beautiful mom-to-be Corey is!)

Taking underwater pics is extremely difficult. But this shoot is amazing in every way. I love the idea of using props underwater, and the selection of clothing and accessories is fabulous! Personally I would never be able to pull off a underwater shoot (even clothed) but I have a feeling that we will see more underwater shoots after seeing this one.

I have yet to decide if I am doing a maternity shoot. I didn’t with my first but thinking I might do one with my second (but no naked bump pics for me) I get inspired when I see the art behind photography. Don’t you?

You can see more of this session in the full gallery.

[ via : On to Baby & Ruth Anne Photography ]


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