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Unicorn themed birthday

I always love coming across pretty parties. Even more so when theres a unique element to the party that makes it out of the box original. This is the case with this Unicorn themed birthday by Bubble and Sweet. Not only is this party complete with actual ponies, (unfortunately unicorns weren’t available) but they actually got a unicorn shaped mounted cake…. how awesome is that.

You can even follow the DIY instructions to make the unicorn cookies you see above. Saying its a labour of love is an understatement.  For all the details and more pictures of the parties head on over to Bubble and Sweet

Resources :

Cake, cookies, macarons and party table – Linda Vandermeer (Bubble and Sweet)
Magic Show, Disco and Balloon Hat Workshop – Super Steph
Decorations provided by Creatively Bespoke Weddings
Paper Pom poms – Australian Hand Made by Ah Tissue 
Photography – Terri Vandermeer
Cake stand construction Andrew McCubbin
Pony dressed as unicorn – Brisbane Pony Parties
Party loot bags – Paper Eskimo
Pink tiered tablecloth – Creatively Bespoke Weddings 
Gold sequin material for tablecloth – Spotlight 
Pink stripe Party Loot Bags – Paper Eskimo

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