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Updates for products on Etsy

At the moment we are selling our products via the Etsy platform. So far its been going well, but due to their terms and conditions we are limited on what we can add to our shop. That being said, we will transition our shop to a new platform but will remain active on Etsy for certain products (balloons, straws). Why? this will allow us to have a visibility that we wouldn’t happen to have (or would take much longer to acheive) on an independent platform. Etsy certainly has its pros and cons when you want to set up a business and while I will be honest and admit I have a love hate relationship with the site, I have to say it’s been great for business.

Just as of this morning, I noticed they implemented a new way you see individual products. Not only is it prettier, but you can see more information on a single page. For example, you can easily see the other products in that same category, shop feedback and a picture of the creator of the shop. (time to update your pics people! )


Like many companies who sell baking and party supplies, majority they start off on etsy and then switch to bigger and brighter options.  At first we thought we needed to close shop until the switch was done, but we are happy to report we will remain open. The only downfall is that we wont be adding new products so we strongly suggest you contact us if you have specific needs.

We have lanterns, napkins, treat sticks, treat bags and tassel garlands that have yet to be added to the shop! Thank you for sticking around through our growing pains…

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